Political Compass — Certificate


Join 27 caricatures of your most loved and loathed political figures in a personalised colour certificate that you can download and print in moments.

It’s beautifully designed by political cartoonist Malcolm Evans and serves as a permanent record of your position on the Compass, and the political company you keep.

After you take the test, you will be presented with a link which will take you to the certificate page. Alternatively you can go straight to the certificate page where you can fill in your name and score, and a certificate will be generated to match. The certificate will download to your browser as a pdf, which you can save and print at your leisure. You can save the link and re-download it at any time.

While the caricatures have been placed in the quadrants appropriate to their political views, we have not attempted to place them accurately within their quadrants. Aesthetics took priority over ideology in this instance. So before you write to us to complain that we have Sanders to the left of Mandela, or that Ayn Rand believed in libertarianism only for the élite, consider that the certificate is designed to start conversations, not to settle bets.

Previously we charged £5.00 for issuing the certificate but this became uneconomic in the light of rising costs of our payments provider and bank. We’re now giving it away. If you have paid for a certificate in the past, we thank you for your support.

Malcolm Evans

One of New Zealand’s ten or so current cartoonists, Malcolm Evans was born in Feilding — a small country town which, rather strangely, produced five of them; a coincidence that has led some to speculate that the milkman delivered more than milk. Morphing from a career that began in advertising, Evans became a newspaper cartoonist in the 1960s and, apart from time spent helping raise four daughters, has been producing political cartoons and caricatures ever since. While his political cartoons have caused controversy from time to time, a little known fact about Malcolm Evans is that his father was a milkman.

If you’d like a personal caricature, or one of a friend or associate, for fun, or as a birthday, sporting, anniversary or retirement gift, contact Evans through his website www.evanscartoons.com or directly: malcolm@evanscartoons.com.