Political Compass — Certificate

A brilliant conversation piece for your office or study …


Join 26 caricatures of your most loved and loathed political figures in a personalised colour certificate that you can download and print in moments.

It's beautifully designed by political cartoonist Ralph Izzard and serves as a permanent record of your position on the Compass, and the political company you keep.

After you take the test, you will be presented with a link which will take you to the certificate page. Alternatively you can go straight to the certificate page where you can fill in your name and score, and a certificate will be generated to match. The certificate will download to your browser as a pdf, which you can save and print at your leisure. You can save the link and re-download it at any time.

Previously we charged £5.00 for issuing the certificate but this became uneconomic in the light of rising costs of our payments provider and bank. We're now giving it away. If you have paid for a certificate in the past, we thank you for your support.

Ralph Izzard

Ralph Izzard is based in Brighton on the south coast of England and is a cartoonist and designer, supplying work for newspapers, the Web and promotional material, as well as creating internationally successful greetings cards and wrapping paper. He is available for freelance cartoon and design commissions anywhere on Earth and can be reached at: ralph@politicalcompass.org .